Author Topic: Bugs Noticed after Firmware Upgrade  (Read 3830 times)


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Bugs Noticed after Firmware Upgrade
« on: May 25, 2016, 02:43:04 pm »
I noticed two bugs after upgrading to firmware version 2.0.2.

1) NTP server settings reset back to default settings, instead of retaining the configured/changed settings.

2) Switching between Rain, Temperature, and Wind tabs in the Weather Forecast popup does not display the data unless I close out and then select Weather Forecast again. Furthermore, when I initially open Weather Forecast, the only data that's displayed is whatever tab/option that was selected during the last Weather Forecast session. 


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Re: Bugs Noticed after Firmware Upgrade
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2016, 03:54:19 pm »
Thanks for reporting the issue.  We'll take a look at them and release a fix.