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Help / Green and Amber lights on solid - device not functioning
« on: June 27, 2014, 04:26:58 pm »
When I power up my BlueSpray I now get the amber and green lights on solid with no blue lights ever appearing.  I attempted to place the unit into service mode so that I could connect directly to the 'bluespray' SSID however that didn't show up either after the 30 seconds had elapsed after the switched was moved down.

When I slid the switch back up, all three lights now illuminate solid until I unplug it again and plug it back in at which time the green and amber lights once again go solid.

I'm afraid the unit may be bricked.


Feature Request / Delay between zones
« on: June 15, 2014, 12:00:08 am »
I have an irrigation system driven by a well. Unfortunately, the water in the well does not replenish as fast as I would like. Our old Hunter Pro*C controller allowed us to insert a delay time between the execution of each zone and this allowed the well to basically "catch up" and run the full cycle without losing pressure on the sprinkler (and the house!)

Is it possible to have a variable that can be set that would allow a time to be inserted between each zone running to accomplish this?

From Hunter's manual:

Programmable Delay Between Stations
This feature allows the user to insert a delay between when
one station turns off and the next station turns on. This is
very helpful on systems with slow closing valves or on pump
systems that are operating near maximum flow or have slow
well recovery.
1. Start with the dial in the RUN position.
2. Press and hold the k button while turning the dial to the
RUN TIMES position.
3. Release the k button. The display
will show a delay time for all
stations in seconds.
4. Press the j and k buttons
to increase or decrease the delay time between 0 and 59
seconds in 1 second increments and then in one minute
increments up to four hours. Hr will be displayed when the
delay changes from seconds to minutes and hours. Maximum
delay is 4 hours.
5. Return the dial to the RUN position.

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