Author Topic: Controller reset/discovery and re-provision howto (firmware 2.x)  (Read 23584 times)


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If you changed your router or your wifi password, the controller will no longer able to connect to the new router.  You will have to provision again to tell the controller of the new router or password:

1. Reset the controller (to make the controller forget the last wifi network):
  a. Locate the reset switch on the left side of the controller.
  b. Slide the switch down.  The amber light should flash once then pauses.
  c. When the amber light starts flashing again, let it flash 3-4 times then slide the switch up.
The controller is now reset.

2. Discovery mode
  a. Slide the reset switch down.  This time let the amber light flash all the way.
  b. When the amber light stops flashing, use your laptop or tablet and look for a hotspot named bluespray.
  c. Connect to the bluespray hotspot.
  d. Bring up a browser and type in your browser URL bar.
You should be able to see the BlueSpray UI.

3. Provision
  a. Click Settings->Network
  b. Click the blue wifi button next to the SSID field.  The controller will show a list of networks that it sees.  Find yours, select it, and click OK.
  c. Enter your wifi password in the Key field and click Save.
If you didn't mis-type the password, and your wifi signal is good, the controller should be able to connect to the router and tells you that it was successful.  If you did, reset and start over.

After successful provision, slide the switch up.  Connect your laptop/ipad back to your wifi network and type on the browser or you can log onto your account on our web site to access it.