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New feature (server side)
« on: November 22, 2013, 11:01:21 am »
Along with the release of v1.1 firmware, we're also introducing a new feature that will help you access your controller without DNS.

If you've registered your controller, you have created an account with BlueSpray.  Now if you log onto your account (via the "Account" tab on our web site), you will be able to access your controller and your account.

NOTE: You must set up Port Forwarding in order to access your controller from the internet.  This feature assumes that you have successfully set up Port Forwarding from your router to your controller.

After logging in, on the "Controller access" tab, you will see a list of the controller(s) that you've registered.  The "Controller name" is the name of your controller (modifiable at the controller).  The "Protocol" column is either "http" or "https", the protocol you'd prefer to access your controller from the internet.  The "Remote host" column is the pubic IP address of your router.  The "Port" column is the port number that you have set your router to "port forward" to.  The "Save" button will save your changes to "Protocol" and "Port".  The "Go" button will take you to your controller providing that you have set up port forwarding correctly and the controller is up and running.

Tip: If your ISP constantly changes your router's public IP address, you should change the "Heartbeat Interval" to a lower value at the controller, under the "Operations" tab.  What that does is tell the controller to ping the server more often, better chance of catching the IP address changes.  The default and maximum heartbeat value is 24 hours.  The minimum is 1 hour.

We will be working a phone version of the account page.  Stay tuned.
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