Author Topic: Troubleshooting flow meter- new install not working  (Read 480 times)


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Troubleshooting flow meter- new install not working
« on: June 14, 2018, 12:02:57 AM »
I installed a BSC024i-UE and a flow meter adapter that were both bought directly from Bluespray in mid May.  I hooked up the controller and it is working with my new zone valves very nicely.  I installed a CST FSI-T10-001 flow sensor that  I bought from and wired it up to the Bluespray flow sensor adapter with shielded wire. I cannot get the flow light to flash (other than as mentioned later) or get any flow to show up on the web interface for my controller.  It acts like it knows about the flow sensor, but just displays 0.00 gpm. It did allow me to pick my brand of flow sensor for flow sensor setup.  Attempting to calibrate the zones shows the same result of 0.0gpm of flow.
  • I get the power light on the adapter when i plug in the RJ11 cable to the controller from the adapter.
  • I have the two small yellow wires hooked up to the 24vac terminals on the controller. I probed into them with my multi meter to ensure i had a good connection and I did see 25 volts
  • I have the black and red wires from the adapter connected to the flow sensor thru a shielded cable and have verified polarity.
  • I ended up soldering the wire connections to the flow sensor in an attempt to get it operational by reducing possible points of failure, but it did not help.
  • I pulled the flow sensor from its tee and verified that there was no debris that was preventing the turbine from spinning.
While I had a zone running tonight I tested with my multi meter for frequency output from the flow sensor while still hooked up to the flow sensor adapter.  I did consistently see a signal when i had flow, although I dont know what it should look like.  At first I was seeing approx 80hz and 0.5 to 0.6 volts AC, then later I was seeing 28hz and 2.5-2.9 volts AC. It is possible that it changed zones on me while i was taking measurements.  I also closed a manual valve upstream of the flow sensor while the system was running and i then saw the frequency output drop off to 0.0hz and 0.0065 volts which seems correct based on how I understand this flow sensor to work(not sure about voltage, but frequency of 0hz makes sense).

What else can I do to check/fix this?

I feel like the sensor appears to be working since I can see frequency outputs that correlate to flow, and I know the Bluespray flow meter adapter is getting power and has the RJ11 cable plugged in correctly.

Another odd tidbit to add to all of this is that on the first night I had this hooked up and found out that it wasn't working, I could hover my hand over top of the Blue Spray flow sensor adapter box and the flow light would begin to flicker. It was not due to a change in lighting, but rather that my hand was shielding or somehow otherwise affecting the circuitry of the adapter box.  I have a video of it doing this if anybody wants to see it. (edit-adding google drive link for video) This little oddity has become less repeatable as time has gone on. I didnt have my laptop out there when it was doing this, so I dont know if it was reporting flow at that time. It bothers me to share this behavior since I cant explain it, quantify it, or establish if it is of any signifigance to the issue for you.

I dont know what else to look for and I would appreciate any help or suggestions that anybody has. Thanks- Cody
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