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BlueSpray firmware 2.1.1 is released


We are pleased to announce the release of BlueSpray firmware version 2.1.1.  This release is kind of unexpected due to a bug fix.

Feature added:

- Daily repeat: you can tell the controller to water X minutes apart, Y times.  For example, if you want to water at 10AM, 1PM and 4PM, you don't have to create 3 start times.  Just tell the controller to water ar 180 minutes apart, 3 times, starting at 10AM.  This feature is designed with nurseries and indoor growers in mind, but can be used for cycle and soak as well.

Bug fix:

- NOAA has changed its weather forecast API.  This release is all about this bug.  If you're using the conserve feature, you will want to update.


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