Author Topic: BlueSpray firmware 2.1 is released  (Read 6237 times)


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BlueSpray firmware 2.1 is released
« on: July 14, 2016, 12:49:09 am »
We are pleased to announce the release of BlueSpray firmware version 2.1.  There has been smaller releases since 2.0, in 2.1 we've made it official for these features which we've added since 2.0:

1. Cloud access: you no longer need to do port forwarding.  Just register your controller and access it from your BlueSpray account.
2. Multiple Master Valve: you can turn any of your unused terminals as extra master valve(s) in addition to the main master valve.  If you have multiple water sources, this feature is for you.  You can also use the extra master valve to turn on additional pump.  You can also assign any master valve or none to any program.
3. Drag lock: when you lock the drag, it stays even after you quit your browser.

Bug fixes:

1. Phone UI: we've not updated the phone UI after many features have been added and it fell behind.  We've fixed it and improved in in 2.1.
2. Tablet UI: with the multiple master valve feature, you need to select master valve in every manual run.
3. Enforce required fields for Network Settings: The fields IP address, Netmask, DNS and Gateway cannot be blank.
4. Unexpected flow: the controller correctly identify unexpected flow when there is no run activity.
5. Fix manual run sometimes does not start.