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BlueSpray firmware 2.0 is released


We are please to announce the release of firmware 2.0 today.   Version 2.0 is a major upgrade from 1.2.x.  The new firmware is designed for the newer controller 2.0, but is also backward compatible with the old controller.

Features added in 2.0 are:

1. Static IP address settings.  Please note the new tab called Networking.  This is where you'd set up networking settings for the controller.  You will have the option of assigning a fixed IP address instead of DHCP.

2. Delay between zones: if you pump water from a well and need to let the well water catch up, you can tell the controller to pause between zone runs.  Note that this is done at the program level to give you greater flexibility.

3. Delay after rain: You can tell the controller to automatically delay X number of days after the rain sensor is tripped (due to rain).  This feature is designed to comply with some of California's water restriction rules.

4. Flow sensor support: If you have a flow sensor installed, purchase a BlueSpray Flow Sensor Reader to provide live flow reporting, leak detection with automatic shutoff.

5. Count down timer: Shows how much time is left in a run for each zone.

6. Detailed system log and improve history chart: The controller logs every event and keeps the records for up to one year.  Water history report now also shows how much water has been used alongside with how long it watered.  Note that the actual water usage is available if you have flow rate recorded for each zone only.  This is achieved by installing a flow sensor.  If you don't have a flow sensor, but you know the flow rate of each zone, you can enter this value for each zone.  The controller will take this number in calculating the water usage.

7. Faster API: We improved API speed which results in faster page loading.

NOTE: the biggest difference between 1.2.x and 2.0 is the way the reset switch works.

There is no more Standalone or Service or Internet mode.  We made it simpler in 2.0 by enabling a hotspot with the name bluespray after the switch is down for 30 seconds.  This is called Discovery mode. You will be able to connect to the bluespray hotspot for local access, configure the controller, etc.  When done, just slide the switch back up and the hotspot will go away.

Please note that the controller's IP address while in Discovery mode is, not any more.

If you forgot your controller's login username and password, slide the switch down.  It will pause for about 5 seconds then it will start to blink 10 times.  If you slide the switch up while it blinks, the controller will reset the login password.  No other settings will be affected.

Other features of BlueSpray 2.0 (for the new 2.0 controller only)

1. Expansion port (new): the expansion port is designed to expand the capability of the controller by connecting to additional modules such as expansion module (to control up to 64 zones) and flow sensor reader (to read flow rate from sensor).  Future modules to be added later.
2. Ethernet and USB (optional): if you preferred wired over wireless, purchase the Ethernet & USB version of the controller.  If it's impractical to extend your wifi signal, you may be able to use an Ethernet over Power Line module to provide wired access to the controller.  The USB port is for cellular modem.
3. Garage door switch is included: you no longer need to purchase a Garage Door Kit.  You will need to purchase your own door sensor though.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact our support group at


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