Author Topic: BlueSpray firmware 1.2.1 released  (Read 4683 times)


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BlueSpray firmware 1.2.1 released
« on: November 29, 2014, 11:23:25 am »
We are please to announce the release of firmware 1.2.1 today.  Mostly a bug fix release, 1.2.1 also sees some new features added such as:

1. Water Restriction compliance - for those who need to follow water restriction rules imposed by your local water municipal, we can help.  We've implemented for rules that water certain day(s) of the week by certain address number only.  We'll add more as we encounter more.  If you have water restriction rule but you don't see it listed, please contact our support group.

2. Variance scheduled run - if you need to do extra watering while following water restriction, you can specify a scheduled run as Variance in the "Active" field and the controller will run this schedule along side water restriction runs.

3. Master valve configurable by program - if you have a master valve, by default, it will turn on for every run.  But if you have the need for finer granularity, you can specify whether you want to turn it on or off for each program.  This is helpful for those who want to operate a pump but may have multiple water sources, and you may need to turn on a pump from one water source but not from another.  For those who need to turn on the pump by zone, you can do so by creating a program that runs those zones only.

If your controller's firmware version is 1.2, go to Settings->Administration.  If the Update button (next to Latest Version) is active, just click on it.  If you have an older firmware version (1.1.x), you'd have to download the latest firmware from our support page to your computer then upload to the controller to update.
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