Author Topic: BlueSpray firmware 1.2 is GA  (Read 4685 times)


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BlueSpray firmware 1.2 is GA
« on: May 13, 2014, 03:33:27 pm »
We’re excited to announce the official GA of our latest firmware version 1.2.  It is available for download from our support page:

Just click on latest firmware.

List of new features in 1.2:

1. Google map integration – you now can use google map directly in addition to hosting your own picture.  Just click on the wrench button on the lawn view.  Select Google Map, enter your home address.  Choose the view that is best for you by tilting/zooming (subject to availability from Google Map).  Click on “Save” and you’re done.

2.  Water in seconds – you now can water down to the seconds.  You can choose between minutes or seconds as unit.

3. Multiple HTTP/HTPS ports – some of our users can only do port mapping instead of port forwarding.  So we’ve added 1 more HTTP port (8000) and 1 HTTPS port (8443).  These are also configurable, so you can change them to any port number that you need.

4. One click firmware update – from now on, if there is a latest version of firmware available, just click on the Update button and the controller will download the latest firmware and update itself.

5. Weather settings now changed to Conserve – we’re planning on adding additional water conservation feature in addition to weather forecast.  Just stay tuned.

6. Embedded User Manual – the manual is included on the controller.  You don’t have to look for it.  You don’t have to download it from the internet.