Author Topic: Controller reset/discovery and re-provision howto (firmware 1.x)  (Read 9495 times)


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If you change your router/ISP or your wifi password, you will need to provision your controller again to tell it your new wifi password.

To reset:

1. Locate the reset switch on the left side of the controller.  Slide it down for 20 seconds then slide it back up.
2. The amber linght will start flashing.  Use a laptop or tablet, look for the bluespray hotspot.
3. Connect to the bluespray hospot.  Type on your browser.  You will be connected to the controller.


1. Click Setting->System
2. Click the wifi button next to the SSID field.  The controller will scan for wifi networks nearby.
3. Select your wifi network.  Make sure it has at least 3 bars.  Click OK.
4. Enter your wifi password in the Key field.  Click Save

The controller will now take your wifi information and attempt to connect to the router.  If it fails, try resetting and repeat these instruction.

If success, connect to your wifi router again.  Type in your browser to access your controller from now on.