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Title: BlueDroid, an Android app for controlling a BlueSpray system
Post by: swillden on August 07, 2016, 05:35:18 PM
I've uploaded the first, very early, version of the app to GitHub, at I'll eventually put it in the Play Store, but not until it's a little more generally usable.

Right now, all it does is:

Also, the IP address of the controller is hard-coded, so you can't use it unless you download the code, modify the address to the value of your controller, then build and install. This is actually pretty easy to do, even for a non-programmer, but obviously the app isn't ready for general usage.

My next step is to get it working through the account-based API hosted on, so you can enter your username and password into the app and then control your door from anywhere you have Internet connectivity.

After that I'll start adding more features. This is very much an "in my copious (ha!) spare time" project, so progress will come in fits and starts. Contributions are very welcome.